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Misunderstanding still brewing...



Homebrew is not the best name to label and help identify new NES games on cartridge for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I think we can start there and mostly all agree on that.

I am not saying I have a better name that I am willing to disclose at this time, but I just don't believe the label of "homebrew" does the industry justice.

From a guy that has seen his share of conventions, I have had way too many interactions with congoers involving the explanation of the difference between homebrew and hack.

It still astounds me how many people think they are the same or lump them in together.

This is where a serious problem in the NES "homebrew" industry lurks and provides a daily battle in the war of making video gamers aware of what we actually do.

Go ahead, do an eBay search for "homebrew hack." Currently there are 24 live auctions with those words in the titles. Some of those games being sold are a Super Mario Bros. 3 Remix and an Earthbound NES cart.

I think it is fair to say that those games are not homebrews and have no business using the word homebrew to lure customers into their den of deceit.

As the industry grows I do not see improvements in the identification of actual new NES games.

This is a big topic and I wanted to open up this can of worms now and return to it from time to time.

I would love to know your thoughts.






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Couldn't agree more on this.  There are some great homebrews out there but most of what you find are hacks of one variety or another...  As I see it homebrews are a original work using little or no material from other games whereas hacks use the original game or materials and make modifications.  Don't get me wrong, there are some great hacks out there but for the most part they're just retextured versions of their original counterpart. (Amy in Sonic the Hedgehog 1, Super Link Bros, etc.)

To add something from left field, repros are a different subject altogether that, in my opinion, either shouldn't be made at all or should be obviously labeled as such.  Far too often disreputable sellers post cases, manuals, and games they have reproduced as a original run product that sadly fool to many startup collectors.

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