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  5. @Baelwolf posted a awesome heads up on the Animal Crossing coins sister post & it could help anyone here too.
  6. Awesome. Thank you for the heads up. I'll add this as a comment onto the Animal Crossing sister post.
  7. For those the want these as 30mm, just set your printer to 5x7 paper size and print. You will get some scrap on the paper but nearly perfect size.
  8. I always leave it at "Full Page Photo" or "foto op volledige pagina" (photo on full page).
  9. You got it right! Thanks for the quick reply. Somehow I do have a bit struggle with printing the right size (30MM). Since we use different metric-systems and the translations is a bit off, its hard for me to decode. Steps taken: 1. In Paint.net I use CRTL+P to get the printer-settings. 2. Paperformat: Letter (8.5x11) | Quality: Normal | Papertype: HP Glossy 3. Printersettings (are exact like you said). 4. On the right of the Paint.net screen, you can choose different types of printing (for example: Full width Page, 13x18CM (2) etc.) What option should I Choose (See attachment)? (Sorry for the dutch). Thanks again - OMGthat1dude (¬ _¬ ") huh.pdf
  10. I'm guessing by the report comment that you were able to figure it out. The Mega Man 11 amiibo is on sheet "Amiibo Coins -- 181-192". In regard to the comment, everyone in the "member" group should now be able to edit & delete their posts. Sorry I hadn't noticed that setting had reset during the last update lol
  11. Hey Bro! Thanks for all these AWESOME art! Somehow if I download, I get the version without MegaMan. Do you have any advise, so I can download the most updated pack? BTW! May I suggest 1 thing, but thats a personal pref. But you can find the Amiibo logo with transparant background. Looking forward to your response! OMGthat1Dude ( ¬ _ ¬ ")
  12. Thanks. If you happen to see any others I missed, hit me again & I'll get it going.
  13. You rock! Mega Man 11 looks great! Thanks!!!
  14. Awesome, this weekend we'll give it a run & see how it turns out. Here's a little item we will be including as a quick reference coin...
  15. Yep I 100% forgot about that one. Thanks for the heads up & I will have a new version uploaded soon. Mega Man 11 will be on the "Amiibo Coins -- 181-192" sheet at the very end. EDIT: And uploaded... enjoy
  16. These are great! Thank you for sharing! I'll be working on mine soon. Do you happen to have a file for the Mega Man 11 amiibo? I didn't see it on the files you have shared.
  17. So what does everything think of emojis being added to the backside of each coin to show the personality.? It's goofy but I kind of like it...
  18. It stinks but right before we went into quarantine I gave my spare Switch (the one I modded) to a friend & haven't been able to replace it yet... Those new dang prices are crazy even for used Switch consoles but once I can get another one to play with I plan to update the guide with the current version (both Switch & SX OS) & get back to expanding the guide. With how current events are playing out, it could be a while before I can get another one. In regard to the Installer version, direct from the main SX OS page it has a link for "Download SX Installer V3.0.2" but their site acts funky sometimes so it might not have displayed the correct version before or they could have just released it lol. Either way, thanks for the heads up so I could double check the versions. https://sx.xecuter.com/#prod-sxpro Side note, before I gave it to my friend I was trying out different ways to perform a duel-boot startup which might make it's way onto the guide when I can get back into it. As of SX OS 2.9.4, 99% of the things a modded Switch can do, SX OS does better than the other front-ends.... but that 1% had it's perks. Hopefully I get the newest version & find that it's 100% better lol
  19. Hey there! Excellent guide. Very helpfull! Just 2 things First, when will you have your "Transfer Saves from your Main (unmodified) account to "Burner" (modified) account" guide? The other is that the latest version of the installer is 3.01 not 3.02, but as of june 2020 your guide works perfectly
  20. It's no problem, thank you so much for all your work and appreciate you updating the Zelda sheet! And Ahh i think that explains it 30mm WITHIN the black ring so the inside diameter is actually larger than 30mm since it accounts for the ring mine came with rings as well but the diameter inside was 30mm and the ring was exactly 30mm as well but either way I got it to work. Thanks again!
  21. I'm so sorry this took so long, the craziness around here has had me pulled away from most all of my projects but it's awesome to hear you worked it out. I'll get the Zelda sheet fixed up and re-uploaded for anyone else that wants it. The coin cases I used in the link are just over 40mm within the coin case & 30mm within the black ring. Without the black ring a Silver Dollar (or the 1.5 inch Amiibo coins) fit perfectly. EDIT: The new version of Zelda sheet 2 has been uploaded.
  22. P.s. Young Link is missing from the Complete Zelda files but is included in the SSB one, the complete zelda one does have 1 last spot open too
  23. Okay so I figured it out, I flattened the image then went to image size and changed it from 8.5x11 to 7x9.059 which made the diameter of the circles exactly 30mm. also THANK YOU for making the full sets of Zelda ones lol I thought I was going to have to cut and paste to get them all on 1-2 pages.
  24. I'm still having a hard time figuring out how you fit these in your coin cases, I bought cases that are exactly 30mm INSIDE as well but these print out to be larger than 30mm and wouldnt fit inside unless trimmed more or squished in which makes them wrinkle, is there a way to size these down to exactly 30mm
  25. The coin cases are 30mm within the black ring but just over 40mm within the case. I personally think this looks good when using the ring side for the backs & it holds them in place so they don't bounce around inside the coin case.
  26. I don't understand 1.5" is roughly 40mm. Why 30mm coin cases?
  27. Awesome. If you're interested someone at another forum pointed me toward Adobe Photoshop CS2 at the link below. I'm still getting used to it but so far I'm liking better than GIMP or Paint . Net. https://www.techspot.com/downloads/3689-adobe-photoshop-cs2.html
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