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  5. Someone has asked me about how I print the images to fit on an inch coin (2,5 cm). I write it here in case someone else is interested. You just have to copy the jpg file into a Word document and change the height to 18 cm. ¡Fits perfectly on it! ¡¡¡Thanks for all @Chakan516!!!
  6. Thanks for all you hard work. So what’s the next project. The 90 Mario Spots Cards.
  7. I don't own any Apple products so I'm not sure if this site allows iPads or iPhones to download via the Downloads page or if iPads have anything that can unzip the files once downloaded. When you select "Download this file" from the downloads page, it should display a pop-up with 3 options. Maybe someone here with more Apple experience can chime in and help you out.
  8. 24 FEB 2021 ***Uploaded a JPEG ONLY version for those that don't need the templates.
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  10. I can’t seem to download the files. I only have a iPad is there anyway I can get them all.
  11. Good job Chakan. I can’t wait to get off work and start working on my amiibos coins tonight . Thanks again.
  12. *** UPDATE *** HOLY COW... I just finished uploading the new version with ALL of the Animal Crossing Amiibos as coins... Due to the size of the files, I made this into 3 separate downloads: PSD version - All of the editable PSD files along with the final JPEG images. PDN version - All of the editable PDN files along with the final JPEG images. JPEG version - ONLY the final JPEG images.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. All of the sets are complete & all I need to do now is convert them to PSD along with JPEG then upload... I've already spent 5 hours working this today so I'll knock that out after work tomorrow & post when it's ready to download.
  14. I look at my cards and you are Just missing Rover from Series 3.
  15. Thank you. It gets very monotonous after the first hundred lol I'm down to adding names to the Snooty set & building the Poster ONLY set. Below are what I have right now for the Poster ONLY set... hopefully I have them all
  16. Thank you for keeping us updated. Appreciated all the work you have put in to creating these amiibos and sharing with the community.
  17. Awesome... I was expecting way more "Poster Only" cards but these shouldn't take long once I finish up all the others. Update 2: Sanrio, Cranky, & Jock are complete with names. It takes about an hour to finish up each personality set so I'm limiting myself to 1 or 2 sets per sitting. Hopefully this will keep me from going cross-eyed & limit the mistakes that can crop up lol
  18. poster only ones hope this helps Series 1 Isabelle, Tom Nook, DJ KK, Sable, Kapp'n, Resetti, Joan, Timmy, Digby, Pascal, Harriet Redd, Saharah, Luna, Tortimer, Lyle, Lotta Series 2 K.K. Slider, Reese, Kicks, Labelle, Copper, Booker, Katie, Tommy, Porter, Leila Dr. Shrunk, Don Resetti, Isabelle, Blanca, Nat, Chip, Jack Series 3 Blathers, Tom Nook, Pelly, Phyllis, Pete, Mabel, Leif, Wendell, Cyrus, Grams, Timmy Digby, Don, Isabelle, Franklin, Jingle Series 4 Brewster, Katrina, Phineas, Celeste, Tommy, Gracie, Leilani Resetti, Timmy,
  19. Update: The bases for Sanrio & all of the personalities are complete.... I think tomorrow will be my "break" & I'll start putting names on all of them Friday or Saturday.
  20. Thanks @Chakan516!!! I checked out the new files and everything looks perfect.
  21. I'm looking into a Poster Only batch but that will be after I finish all of the Villager sets. I'm about 1/3 of the way complete with the the Villagers & if someone wanted to help by making a list of the Poster Only (Isabelle - Winter, Isabelle - Kimono, Tom Nook S1, Tom Nook S3, DJ KK, etc.) it would make putting them together easier/faster.
  22. Hi can I ask for the animal crossing ones as there are over 400 cards can you do just the special ones. Like Franklin, Gulliver, Jingle, Jack. Thank you for all your hard work.
  23. Sanrio, Cranky, & Jock have their bases complete (they just need names added) & all of the others have cleaned up images just waiting to be used in making the remaining bases.
  24. That’s wonderful. Patiently (not). Waiting for them. Appreciate all yours the work you’ve put into making these templates. Thx again.
  25. I'm finally able to take a break & work on these again so if you don't mind waiting a little while they should be compete within the next couple weeks. I plan to start with Cranky then working by personality up to Uchi. I'll upload a new version each time I finish a personality set.
  26. I'm sorry this has been an issue for so long but I have uploaded a new set of ZIP files today that should work perfectly. If you have any issues, feel free to comment below & I'll get it going. I finally have some free time to catch up on my projects again
  27. Yes I get unexpected end of archive with 34647939_Chakan516AmiiboCoins-Figures-v2.5-PDN.zip using WinRar too
  28. I have been able to open all the files I tried except `1 - PDN\Amiibo Coins -- 1-12.pdn`. No matter how I extract the zip, that one is about half the size of the others in that folder and Paint.NET will not open it.
  29. I think there may be something wrong with v2.5 of your PDN .zip file. I have downloaded it several times, but 7-zip on Windows does not like the file. If I open it in the GUI I can see some of the files, but not all. If I try to extract the files, I get warnings saying "Unconfirmed start of archive" and "There are some data after the end of the payload data." I also get an error when trying to open the file with the Archive Manager GUI on Debian 10, but I was at least able to extract the files on my Linux box. Also, I noticed that both zip files have a top level "Chakan516 Amiibo Coins -
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