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PS:T EE - Unfinished Business Reloaded Mod 1.4

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About This File

Attached is the Unfinished Business Reloaded Mod file for used with the Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Mods guide found HERE.



Available components:

  1. All Recommended PS:T Unfinished Business Components
    • A convenience option that install all components except Expanded Deionarra's Truth Mod and Restored Item Cheats (Not Recommended)
  2. Restored Able Ponder-Thought Research
    • Completes a number of subjects Able Ponder-Thought will conduct research on.
  3. Restored More Morte Mortuary Moments
    • Restores a bit of dialog for Morte in the Mortuary. Initial dialog is greatly expanded and more in line with the other conversations in the game. Morte will also trigger a couple more conversations, e.g. when approaching Dhaal's Book.
  4. Restored Candlestick Quest
    • Restores a quest in the Buried Village.
  5. Restored Deionarra's Truth Conversations
    • Restores several dialog options regarding Deionarra's fate which are in line with what the player can know at that point in the game. A more complete expansion can be installed by the component Expanded Deionarra's Truth Mod below.
  6. Restored Pendant of Yemeth Quest
    • Restores a quest involving six actors over two different areas, mostly in or near the Smoldering Corpse Bar. To start it, talk to Ratbone in Ragpicker's Square.
  7. Restored Elyce & Company Quest
    • Restores Elyce, her brother and her boyfriend to the game, and there is a small quest involved.
  8. Restored Curst Citizens
    • Restores seven cool new Curst Citizens with interesting dialogs.
  9. Restored Curst Prisoners
    • Adds 9 more prisoners with their own dialogs to the (originally very sparsely populated) Curst prison.
  10. Restored Carl Parfidor
    • In the original game, you can hire someone to kill Carl Parfidor, but you can never actually meet him. Now you can!
  11. Restored Alley of Dangerous Angles Thugs
    • Restores some dialogs and scripts, so that the thugs in the Alley are actually aware of events unfolding around them, will comment on them, and they will no longer be, down to the last man and woman, maniacally obsessed with your 10 copper piece toll.
  12. Restored Morte & Ingress's Teeth Banter
    • Restores a very amusing (non-voiced) banter between yourself, Morte and Ingress's Teeth. Before Morte can use the teeth, you will need to use them with Morte nearby.
  13. Restored Items
    • Restores the Fiend's Teeth, Spiked Gauntlets, Gauntlets of Rending, the Eye of Vecna, Devil's Due and the Chaos Feather.
  14. Restored Party Comments and Banters
    • Restores 27 fully voiced flirts between Morte and female zombies, which can be enjoyed right at the beginning of the game. Also added are 15 new and entertaining fully voiced banters between various PC's, and a new comment by Grace. The component also restores a new soundtrack that is played in the Smoldering Corpse Bar during nighttime. Finally, talking with your party members will now play that character's theme music, including a new track for Morte. PST:EE note: For technical reasons the component does not restore individual NPC feedback when attempting to open locked doors and containers. The same applies to copying scrolls to the spellbook. It will restore a generic sound effect, however.
  15. Restored Mebbeth
    • Restores two significant orphaned blocks of Mebbeth's dialog.
  16. Restored Lower Ward Encounters
    • Restores 9 creatures to the main Lower Ward area, including Hailcin'n, a scarred and tattooed githzerai warrior who wanders in the same general area as Kii'na. Another 6 creatures are placed based on two unused dialog files, representing customers standing around Deran, the slave auctioneer. Another two characters, laborers working on some strange unidentified device, are restored near where Lenny hangs out. Finally, if you give Ki'ina information that causes her to leave the Lower Ward, she will now return about a week later so that you can enjoy the rest of her dialog that was previously inaccessible.
  17. Restored Bestiary Entries
    • Restores descriptions for bestiary entries of Annah, Dak'kon, Dhall, Dustmen (both male and female), Grace, Ignus, Lothar, Nordom, Trias and Vhailor. It also adds a new alu-fiend entry for Vrischika, that has been improved to match the other bestiary images. Finally, the bestiary image of the TO will change from a shadowy figure to a glowing version after the Nameless One meets the creature in person.
  18. Restored Lothar's Abode
    • Restores guard creatures and some minor treasure to Lothar's abode in the Lower Ward, which are found nowhere else in the game.
  19. Expanded Deionarra's Truth Mod
    • This component is not included in All Recommended PS:T Unfinished Business Components because it contains a lot more new content than restored content. It adds a great deal of new content (including 180 new lines of dialogue) that will allow the player to find out her fate before it becomes too late to do anything about it. Once the new content has been played, about 30-40 more lines of original dialogue will become accessible.
  20. Restored Item Cheats (Not Recommended)
    • This component is also not included in All Recommended PS:T Unfinished Business Components. It makes two cheat items available to the player and restores their functions: the Sword of Wh'ynn - aka The Cheater's Blade, and The Tome o' Cheats. Note: PST:EE already comes with a powerful debug console that makes this component largely redundant.

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