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Sony: It’s a Sony!


   Sony is a multinational corporation which is officially headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  They’ve got a piece of plenty of pies, doing business in consumer and professional electronics, entertainment and financial services.  Sony is one of the Fortune Global 500 corporations, making them one of the largest companies in the world.

   Sony got their start quite a long time ago: In 1946, Maseru Ibuka started an electronics shop in Tokyo with only $530 in capital and eight employees.  For a brief period, they were called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, but changed their name to Sony.  Their company was the first to build a tape recorder in Japan.  They made their way into the global market with the launch of their transistor radio, which was very popular with American teenagers.

   After working in just about every electronics field you can imagine, Sony found a major footing in the home console industry under Sony Computer Entertainment.  The first PlayStation was launched in 1994 and quickly garnered 61%of all global console sales, outperforming Nintendo.  The original PlayStation is among the most successful consoles of all time, selling 150 million units by 2011.  The PlayStation boasted 2355 games, the PlayStation 2 has 2469, the PlayStation 3 had 1026, the PlayStation 4 has 915, the PlayStation portable has 865 and the PlayStation Vita has 1,257.

   Sony is still making PlayStation games and consoles, as well as continuing to develop a wide range of electronics globally.  From audio, visual and computing to video and photography, Sony has a footing in nearly every major electronic niche.



(If you see anything incorrect or that you want added, feel free to comment below and the posting will be edited to reflect the corrections.)

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