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SNK: The Future is Now


   SNK Corporation is a video game hardware and software company which has been doing business since the 1970s.  The company began when Eikichi Kawasaki witnessed the growth of the video game market, in particular coin-operated games.  The first successful games were Vanguard and Safari Rally, and after these successes, the company moved on to form a division in North America.  The company ended in 2001, but was rebirthed later that year by sister company Playmore, Kawasaki’s new company.

   The most notable gaming system created by SNK Corporation was the Neo Geo, a cartridge-based arcade system board which was part of the fourth generation of video game consoles.  It was originally launched as a coin operated arcade game which had the capability of supporting six different cartridges at the same time.  This was a unique feature which found the Neo Geo success in arcades, as it saved space and money by supporting multiple games at once.

   Later, a home console version of Neo Geo was released called the AES (Advanced Entertainment System).  The controllers for the Neo Geo kept close to its arcade roots, complete with a joystick and four main buttons.  The Neo Geo was one of the most powerful consoles on the market in its arcade form, but the home console was considerably less powerful.

   All in all, the console received good reviews and was named the 19th best console of all time by IGN.  The total number of games released for the Neo Geo system, including arcade cabinets, was 148.



(If you see anything incorrect or that you want added, feel free to comment below and the posting will be edited to reflect the corrections.)


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When the home system came out it had the best graphics with the brightest colors and fast game play. Couldn't afford one so I stuck with my Genesis and I don't regret it. We used to go to FuncoLand in Irving to buy and/or trade games and they always had a NeoGeo playing behind the counter on a "Huge" 21" monitor. lol



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