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Sega CDX: A Brief History


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Sega CDX: It’s a Sega Genesis, it’s a Sega CD, and it’s a Portable CD Player!


   The Sega CDX was released in North America in 1994.  Similar to the JVC X’Eye, it is capable of playing both Genesis and Mega-CD games on top of audio CDs and CD+G discs.  The CDX looks similar to many of the portable CD players of its time, demonstrating Sega’s desire to tap into that market.  Unlike the Mega-CD, the CDX allowed users to be entertained on the move.  The unit had to be connected to a PSU and connected to the television in order to support games.

   The console was supported by AA batteries which were quickly drained, sparking some criticism.  In addition, the system is criticized for freezing and lagging in game play.  In addition, though clearly Sega was trying to tap into the portable CD market, they made the console heavier than most portable CD players at the time.

   The CDX was no longer produced after the Sega 32X entered the market.  It was announced as a novelty item rather than an actual console by Sega.  It was no longer considered a priority at that point, and as is typical of Sega, they abandoned marketing the product to market their newer product.

   While it was not marketed heavily, it continued to remain relatively popular due to its lower price.  Many considered it a viable alternative to buying a Mega Drive and Mega CD separately.  However, because there were not as many of the CDX consoles produced, it soon became rarer and far more expensive than the standard consoles.

   The unit includes a controller port on the far left of its front panel, a power button in the middle and a second controller port on the right.  It also had a small LCD screen on the top which would display the title of the track being played.  It was packed with a control pad with 6 buttons, a power adapter, and the red, white and yellow (RCA) A/V cable.  Additionally, the North American version bundled it with the Sega Classics Arcade Collection, and Brazil included Night Trap with every purchase.



Sega CDX - Model: Multi-Mega CDX


   Original Release - This was the only version of the console released.  It included a six button control pad packed within, the Sega Classics Arcade Collection (in the US) and Ecco the Dolphin.


  • Unit Lifetime:  1994 - 1995
  • Units Sold (Worldwide):  Less than 10,000
  • Backwards Compatibility:  Genesis & Sega CD
  • Media Type:  Cartridge & Disc
  • Resolution:  256 x 226
  • Colors Available:  256
  • Colors on Screen:  52
  • Sound Output (All Models):  6-Channel Stereo
  • Power Requirements (All Models):  9.5v 1.5amps

(If you see anything incorrect or that you want added, feel free to comment below and the posting will be edited to reflect the corrections.)

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