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Sega Mega Jet: A Brief History


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Sega Mega Jet: Fly with SEGA!


   In 1993, Sega had an innovative idea which led to the development of the Sega Mega Jet.  This strange console was designed to be an entertainment system for Japanese Airlines which were used as in-flight entertainment.  The Sega Mega Jet was a handheld with no screen and had to be connected to a mounted TV.  Japanese airplanes included televisions for each armrest, so the system was designed for players to utilize these small personal TVs.  Only four games were available for the flight version of the product, including Sonic the Hedgehog.  However, because standard Mega Drive cartridges worked with this product, passengers were also allowed to bring in their own games.

   Sega did not limit the Mega Jet to airplanes - a consumer version of the product was also released in 1994, but still had to be connected to another screen.

   While the success of the Sega Mega Jet was limited, largely due to its limited functionality, it did lay the groundwork for future technological innovation in the Sega industry.  The Sega Nomad, the second fully functional handheld console designed by Sega, had a lot of features to thank the Sega Mega Jet for.

   Part of the issue of this product was that it was marketed as a handheld console, but in practice it was really anything but.  While you may have the controller in your hand, because the console had no screen, it still had to be connected with bulky materials to a screen somewhere else.  It had none of the conveniences of a handheld console, but was still marketed as such.

   This product had its best successes in the airline industry, where its concept was fairly useful.  Further, it served as a great introduction product for new handheld consoles that Sega would release later.  In the end, the Sega Mega Jet is one of the most innovative handheld console concepts that have come out of the video game industry.  It is extremely rare today, and the majority of Mega Jets are now owned by private collectors all around the world.



Sega Mega Jet - Model: MK-6100


   Original Release - While there was only one model number released of the Sega Mega jet, the product was first only sold to Japanese airlines as passenger entertainment.  However, it was later released to the general public.


  • Unit Lifetime:   ???
  • Units Sold (Worldwide):   ???
  • Authorized Games Released (US):   ???
  • Backwards Compatibility:   ???
  • Media Type:  Cartridge
  • Resolution:   ???
  • Colors Available:   ???
  • Colors on Screen:   ???
  • Sound Output (All Models):   ???
  • Power Requirements (All Models):  ???

(If you see anything incorrect or that you want added, feel free to comment below and the posting will be edited to reflect the corrections.)

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