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SEGA GameGear: Disassembly

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SEGA GameGear Disassembly


This guide will take you through the disassembly procedures of all 3 variants of the SEGA GameGear for cleaning and/or further repair.


Table of Contents

  1. Hardware Notes
  2. Materials Required
    • Tools, Parts, Additional Supplies
  3. Difficulty
  4. Time Estimate
  5. Console Variant Recognition
  6. GameGear Disassembly


     1. Hardware Note:

   There are 3 variations of the SEGA GameGear that were released and this guide was originally based on the VA1. Any differences between VA1 and the VA5/VA5 variants will be noted below each step.


     2. Materials Required:


#00 Philips Head Screwdriver

4.5mm GameBit Tamper Proof Security Bit

Specialty Scraping Tool (Can use small flat-head screwdriver)





Additional Supplies:



     3. Difficulty:



     4. Time Estimate:

25-30 Minutes


     5. Console Variant Recognition:


VA1: Smooth and flat screen cover with color “GameGear” logo in the top left.


VA4: Smooth and rounded screen cover with color “GameGear” logo in the top left.


VA5 / MAJESCO: Smooth and rounds screen cover with black and white “GameGear” logo in the top left.


     6. Console Disassembly:

Step 1:


  1. Flip the console face down.


Step 2:


  1. Remove both battery covers, batteries, and game from console.


Step 3:


  1. Unscrew (1) with the 4.5mm GameBit.
  2. Unscrew (2-7) with the #00 Philips screwdriver.


Step 4:


  1. Gently unplug the cable connectors (1-3) from the audio & power boards.


Step 5:


  1. Unscrew (1-12) with the #00 Philips screwdriver.
  2. Lift main board and set aside.

(Note: Watch for the contrast wheel and the screen protector film as they can get stuck.)


Step 6:


  1. Remove all buttons, D-pad, and screen protection film (1-5).


Step 7:


  1. Unscrew (1-4) with the #00 Philips screwdriver, remove the metal shielding, and set it aside.


Step 8:


  1. Unscrew (1-2) with the #00 Philips screwdriver from sound board.
  2. Remove the sound board and set it aside.

(Note: Watch for the volume wheel as it can get stuck.)


Step 9:


  1. Unscrew (1-2) with the #00 Philips screwdriver from power board.
  2. Pry the black plastic shield (3) with a flat head screwdriver or specialty tool.
  3. Remove the power board and set it aside.




  1. Clean and repair the console as required.
  2. To reassemble, reverse steps 1-9.

(If you see anything incorrect or that you want added, feel free to comment below and the posting will be edited to reflect the corrections.)



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