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XP, Stardust, & Candy Grinding

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   Grinding is when you go out to gain a lot of experience, stardust, candy, or all three depending on what events are going on and you are aiming for.

   There are several ways to gain massive XP in a short period and one of the best is to do as many 5-star raids as you can with a lucky egg active during special raid events, netting 20,000 XP each.  Since you would need a small group traveling with you and this requires a special raid event to be ongoing, this isn't the ideal guide for a solo player or during none raid events.  One thing to note, unless there’s a special raid event active, you can't depend on getting more than 3 or 4 raids completed during a single Lucky Egg.

   The second-best bet for XP grinding is mass evolutions.  You’ll need to find Pokemon nests, drop a lure if you have one, and catch any Pokémon as you can find until you can’t hold anymore.  (Once you get to this point, you can turn on a Go+ and catch while you transfer anything you can’t evolve.)  Once you have a full stock of Pokemon to evolve, pop a Lucky Egg and start evolving until the egg bonus drops.  Repeat this until all the evolutions you can do are complete.

   Finally, the best solo XP grind comes in during double or triple XP events.  You can do the above guides while racking up massive XP, especially if you save all the new PokeDex entries which normally net 500 XP each.  I personally try keep my Pokemon storage bag down to a minimum number of keepers (special, top IV, or no evolving Pokemon) so all of my other space is used by Pokemon I can use during mass evolution.


  • A lot of people will say to use the Go+ or Gotchas while catching Pokemon at a nest but if you catch them by hand, you will get far more experience from throw bonuses than you would with either of those options.  I will however, switch to a Go+ while transferring excess Pokemon or during mass evolution runs then turn it off once I finish.
  • While walking a Pokemon Nest, you should also keep an eye on your eggs and try to hatch as many as you can.  If you time it correctly, you can also have a Star Piece active and rack up a ton of Star Dust from eggs hatching.

   I hope this helps you all as much as it has helped me on my leveling journey.  I know it’s a long read but it’s very worth the time out your day.  Thank you all and best of luck to you.


Credits for this guide goes to:

HEvalntKnight, LordBob, along with O₲⚡In₴₸inc₸ and the Savannah & Coastal GA PokeGO Discord.


(If you see anything incorrect or that you want added, feel free to comment below and the posting will be edited to reflect the changes.)

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