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Pokemon Go Search Terms

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EVOLVE – Show any Pokemon for which you have enough candies (and, if necessary, special items) to evolve.

DEFENDER – Shows any Pokemon currently defending a gym.

ALOLA – Shows any Alolan Pokemon.

SHINY – Shows any Shiny Pokemon.

MYTHICAL – Shows any Mythical Pokemon.

LEGENDARY – Shows any Legendary Pokemon.

SPECIES NAME (e.g. “dratini”) – Shows any Dratini you have.

NICKNAME (e.g. “Starter”) – Shows Pokemon you have given that nickname.

TRADED – Shows all Pokemon received from a trade.

LUCKY – Shows all Lucky Pokemon.

RELATED POKEMON (e.g. “+dratini”) – Shows any Pokemon that are in the same evolutionary lines and includes nicknamed Pokemon.  (e.g. “+dratini” will show any Dratini, Dragonair, AND Dragonite you have.

POKEDEX ENTRY (e.g. “9”) – Shows Blastoise (Since its Dex ID is 9).  This works with ranges too e.g. “2-9” will show PokeDex IDs 2-9, “-10” will show PokeDex entries 10 and below, and “100-“ will show PokeDex entries 100 and above.

POKEMON TYPE (e.g. “water”) – Shows any Water-type Pokemon (single or dual type)

MOVESET TYPE (e.g. “@ground”) – Shows any Pokemon with one or both ground attacks

MOVESET BOOST (e.g. “@weather”) – Shows any Pokemon that have one or both moves boosted by the current weather

MOVESET (e.g. “@crunch”) – Shows any Pokemon with the Crunch move

CP (e.g. “cp300”) – Shows any Pokemon with 300 CP.  Can also use “cp300-450” to show all Pokemon in that range.

HP (e.g. “hp125”) – Shows any Pokemon with 125 max HP.  Can also use “hp125-175” to show all Pokemon in that range.


Additionally you can input the following to expand your to search criteria or narrow it:

OR , ; :

Any of the four above can be used to combine search terms to find Pokemon that meet either search terms


Either of the above can be used to combine search terms to find Pokemon that meet all search terms


(If you see anything incorrect or that you want added, feel free to comment below and the posting will be edited to reflect the changes.)

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