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Chakan Amiibo Coins (ALL of dem) lol

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   These images contain trademarked material owned by Nintendo & it is illegal to sell these, especially if you are selling them with pirated Amiibo.  These are unofficial & only meant for personal use.


   First off, credit for many the original images goes to Random11, CompC, Simone, mramiibo, ColoredBerry, TiMeBoMb4u2, JACKLE_KAT, Hitokirikai, & Crash1987 from the gbatemp forum.  For the most part, I used their cards as a base for my coins unless text was in the way.  A big thank you to all the people listed for the awesome work & giving me the idea to put together these coins.

   I have been working on these off an on for a hot minute & finally had the time to fully rework all of them to my liking.

   At the bottom are all the images I used for the Amiibo coins along with the supply list / guide directly below.  The titles below are copied directly from the Amazon listings & will take you directly to the Amazon items you’ll need. The RED items were from Hobby Lobby / Walmart.

Materials Required:



  • Print the coins on the Photo Paper with the following settings:
    • Fit Picture to Frame
    • Photo Paper – Glossy
    • High Quality
  • While printing, punch out the 3x5 cards until you have one cut out for each of the coins you plan to make.
  • Stick the NFC tags onto the 3x5 punched paper & label each for which Amiibo it will correspond to.
  • Test each by verifying you can register it.
  • Use the Fiskars® SureCut to cut each line of coins to make it easier for punching them out.
  • Use the Fascola 1.5 to punch out each side of the coin.
  • Apply the stick glue to either side of the 3x5 cut outs & sandwich it between the front & back sides of the printed coins.
  • Place the glued coins under a heavy flat object to ensure it dries flat & doesn’t “wave”.
  • Retest each again.
  • Place them within the coin capsules & ENJOY.


If you see anything incorrect on the coins, please comment below & I’ll upload the corrected files.


The original PND files can be found under downloads at the following link:


***Updated sheet 157-168 -- Loot Goblin & (Orange) Inkling


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