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The 6502 Collective

The Community Comes First.

   The 6502 Collective was founded as a joint venture by homebrew veterans Retrotainment Games and Sole Goose Productions. Pooling the talents of its members, the Collective came into being as a way to use their experience to assist others in the NES homebrew scene in two ways: publishing and developing.

   Developing games is a lot of work, and with that in mind The 6502 Collective seeks to ease that burden for developers through its role as publisher. While programming, drawing art, composing music, and turning those pieces into an exciting game are all necessary parts of the game-building puzzle, getting the finished result into the hands of the people who will play and appreciate it is no small task. It demands a different set of skills and experiences, ones in which the members of the Collective are well versed. In all of this, a respect for the independent nature of homebrewing is a priority, and the role of the Collective changes with each project based upon developer needs.

   Additionally, there are those who would like to develop a game or project for the NES, but who lack the time or skills to do so. Due to the variety of skills possessed by its members, The 6502 Collective is in a position to develop and build releases for clients. To date these have included releases to coincide with events, such as conventions and tournaments. Recently, the Collective has also pioneered the release of MP3-quality music albums on the NES.

   The 6502 Collective is committed to bringing classic console fans the best of experiences, whether publishing or developing. With a genuine respect for the code and the processes involved in homebrewing, the Collective is committed to furthering the scene and building the community. Interested collaborators can direct inquiries to the6502collective@gmail.com for further information.

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