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Rollie: Rollie and Lorrie are on a mission to save their forest, Paradise Gorge. Their goal is to defeat the brats and bullies who have seized power in the midst of an unstable ecosystem precipitated by a sudden overpopulation of snakes. They aim to lead as examples, to show how sharing and sacrifice are rewarding, and that rampant self-serving brutality perpetuates destruction. Rollie has 16 huge stages of gameplay. Power-ups and secrets can be found scattered throughout the levels and checkpoints exist along the way. Each stage ends in a boss battle. Rollie's signature mechanic is his ability to curl up into a bouncy ball. Rolling and bouncing provide the player a unique way to move across levels freely. Rollie features a large assortment of power-ups and secondary abilities. This makes the game dynamic by giving the player various options to overcome obstacles and enemies. Many of the power-ups and items are hidden in flowers scattered throughout the stages or can be dropped by enemies. These special abilities include: Features: Jumping on top of enemies Throwing marbles Blowing bubbles that operate as moving platforms A rolling attack Ways to befriend enemies Collecting clovers to help earn extra lives Several power-ups that temporarily aid the player Developed by Optovania


© The 6502 Collective


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