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  1. You got it right! Thanks for the quick reply. Somehow I do have a bit struggle with printing the right size (30MM). Since we use different metric-systems and the translations is a bit off, its hard for me to decode. Steps taken: 1. In Paint.net I use CRTL+P to get the printer-settings. 2. Paperformat: Letter (8.5x11) | Quality: Normal | Papertype: HP Glossy 3. Printersettings (are exact like you said). 4. On the right of the Paint.net screen, you can choose different types of printing (for example: Full width Page, 13x18CM (2) etc.) What option should I Choose (See attachment)? (Sorry for the dutch). Thanks again - OMGthat1dude (¬ _¬ ") huh.pdf
  2. Hey Bro! Thanks for all these AWESOME art! Somehow if I download, I get the version without MegaMan. Do you have any advise, so I can download the most updated pack? BTW! May I suggest 1 thing, but thats a personal pref. But you can find the Amiibo logo with transparant background. Looking forward to your response! OMGthat1Dude ( ¬ _ ¬ ")
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