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  1. The Homebrew scene is alive and has a voice! Actually, it has voices! As the scene continues to develop and evolve, we now have an #8BitLegit Podcast to tune into for news and notes on the NES Homebrew community. Captained by Nintendo Age users SoleGoose Productions and KHAN Games, "The Assembly Line" is keeping us up to speed on all things Homebrew including new games, new tech, hardware and anything else they deem cool enough to broadcast. If you would like a little background on these pillars of the community that are making it happen, check out their work and releases at... http://www.khangames.com/ http://www.solegooseproductions.com/ You can tune into the Podcast on iTunes and the GooglePlay Store.
  2. I hear ya. NES homebrew community is coming along nicely. This uses the Power Pad which would not help it get a Sega release unfortunately.
  3. There is another new NES Homebrew game that has been brought to market and it uses........ THE POWER PAD! Yes, that thing now has a new lease on life with Tailgate Party, which brings the game of cornhole to the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game has single-player mode and multi-player mode with a ton of playable characters and a totally rad soundtrack from Zi. Check out the forum on Nintendo Age to get in on the action: http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=6&threadid=174326&StartRow=1#top This is truly great work from Tim Wurdinger and Orab Games. I really cannot wait for what they come up with next.
  4. No complaining in this entry.... We have a NEW GAME to talk about from NES Doug! There is a new NES homebrew game called Vigilante Ninja 2 that will be available soon on cartridge from my friend Doug Fraker. The game has come a long way and is sure to garner interest in the homebrew community and hopefully beyond. The game is action packed and could have survived on the NES in the 80s with no problem. The art style, music and gameplay is easy to get hooked on from the start. That is saying a lot, as a number of homebrews are clones or borrowed ideas from games of the past. This is an original game, using all-original assets, all-original music (which is damn catchy) and original code built from the ground up by Doug. Here is the link to the demo... http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/2ipv0bgxllf1z55/Vig2-DEMO.nes BUT, BUY THE CARTRIDGE! SUPPORT NES GAME MAKERS! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Check out more at https://nesdoug.com/
  5. Homebrew is not the best name to label and help identify new NES games on cartridge for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I think we can start there and mostly all agree on that. I am not saying I have a better name that I am willing to disclose at this time, but I just don't believe the label of "homebrew" does the industry justice. From a guy that has seen his share of conventions, I have had way too many interactions with congoers involving the explanation of the difference between homebrew and hack. It still astounds me how many people think they are the same or lump them in together. This is where a serious problem in the NES "homebrew" industry lurks and provides a daily battle in the war of making video gamers aware of what we actually do. Go ahead, do an eBay search for "homebrew hack." Currently there are 24 live auctions with those words in the titles. Some of those games being sold are a Super Mario Bros. 3 Remix and an Earthbound NES cart. I think it is fair to say that those games are not homebrews and have no business using the word homebrew to lure customers into their den of deceit. As the industry grows I do not see improvements in the identification of actual new NES games. This is a big topic and I wanted to open up this can of worms now and return to it from time to time. I would love to know your thoughts. IBtiM
  6. Second Entry: Midwest Gaming Classic 2017 Wrap Up - Not enough rats... So yeah, the Midwest Gaming Classic was held in Brookfield, Wisconsin this past weekend and there were not enough 8Bitrats in the mix. This is a problem where I come from. A bitrat to me is a pure game punk that is not just going to a convention to try and find product to flip on the internet or find some Mom & Pop Video Game store slipping on their prices. Too many people focused on earning a buck on the game than enjoying the actual game. This leads to a bigger issue but I will get to that at another time. So the Midwest Gaming Classic had some rad stuff to take in and most of it happened in the Nintendo Age room. For those of you not familiar with Nintendo Age, please go there at www.nintendoage.com and show some love. I am currently recruiting some of those peeps to support this site as well. My pal Beau or Solegoose had his newest 8-Bit NES creation Spook-O-Tron on display and my god was it addicting. So much is happening in the NES homebrew community and Solegoose is one of those guys to keep an eye on. Spook-O-Tron is currently on Kickstarter and ending soon. Check it out, I backed it because frankly it warrants a true NES fans' money and support. The link is below. Also, Tim Wurdinger showcased his NES Tailgate Party game which actually uses the Power Pad for a good reason. Imagine that, the NES Power Pad for a good reason. Great dude putting out great stuff. I was super stoked to get to meet him in person. Last but certainly not least, my dude K3VBOT had Enigmacore, Cornball Cocksuckers and Kevin Power in Concert Carnage all for the NES on display in his kickass hombrew arcade displays. So in closing, the Nintendo Age room saved the show for me. Even with getting to showcase our game to hundreds of people, sell a good bit of actual cartridges and allow young kids to play the NES for the first time ever, the Nintendo Age room embodied what a bitrat actually is and should be.
  7. First entry for this blog will be one of the best "Homebrew" NES games made in my humble opinion. For those of you unfamiliar with the term "Homebrew," it has become a term used to describe independent games released on Nintendo (NES) cartridges. For better or for worse, it is the current term used for games that are made in the modern era. Regardless of names, it is a developing industry and warrants attention. The Incident, by Khan Games, is a box-pushing puzzle game where you control Sam, a robot in an abandoned warehouse that must push his way out. The game features over 100 levels and is absolutely addicting. Some people may look at this game and try to generalize it as simple but that is the power of the this game. So when a developer can mask an intense game in an alleged simple framework, it warrants our attention. The game is nothing short of challenging and intoxicating. In fact, intoxication has helped me out of a few levels that I found myself stuck on sober. 100010010100010101000000000000001010101010010111101010101010101111111111111111111110101010101010101011110101101010101010000000000000000000000000000001010111111111111111111010101101000111111100001 Get the game here... http://www.khangames.com/store/home/9-the-incident-cartridge-only.html From the Khan Website: What happened 400 years ago? The year is 2415. Mankind has evacuated the city, leaving a once thriving commercial warehouse completely abandoned. But something has happened, awakening Sam, box-pushing robot model number KSS-084. Can you help Sam escape the basement? Featuring over 100 levels of box-pushing puzzle action, strain your brain to complete them as you move floor to floor, and come one step closer to whatever is outside. What was The Incident, who caused it, and what will the repercussions be for mankind? Find out today, in The Incident, a new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Game includes: Over 100 levels of puzzles! A rockin' soundtrack, including 12 songs by acclaimed NES composer, Zi! Flash saving! No more worrying about failed battery backups. Save your progress as you go! A full level editor! Ability to import and export user created levels! An intriguing storyline!