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  • What is really going on in modern NES game making?

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Found 2 results

  1. Two NES Games, One Cart From One Rad Dude! My pal Sergio Elisondo is doing something special with his new NES project, which is currently on Kickstarter right now. They are sure to have killer tunes and killer gameplay. Checkout the new NES project on Kickstarter HERE! "Ninja" and "Ninja II" for the NES on one cartridge! Both of the games are finished and are being combined into one game for the NES and PC/Mac. You may remember Sergio for his work with the mind-blowing "A Winner Is You" NES cartridge that is available through retroUSB. Ninja Features: 1 or 2 players 9 Mini-games (Various Game Play Styles) Over 10 Unique Soundtracks (Sergio Elisondo) Unique Controls per Event/Mini-Game Difficulty Setting of 1 (Easy) 2 (Medium) and 3 (Hard) Ninja II Features 1 or 2 players 8 Mini-games (Various Game Play Styles) Event Selection Screen (Practice Mode) Over 10 Unique Soundtracks (Sergio Elisondo) Unique Controls per Event/Mini-Game Hidden Score System (Compatible with RetroUSB's AVS/NA Scoreboard) Difficulty Setting of 1 (Easy) 2 (Medium) and 3 (Hard -- Activates Hidden Score System) Extra Point Rewards (Beating CPU Quickly/Completing Events Faster)
  2. No complaining in this entry.... We have a NEW GAME to talk about from NES Doug! There is a new NES homebrew game called Vigilante Ninja 2 that will be available soon on cartridge from my friend Doug Fraker. The game has come a long way and is sure to garner interest in the homebrew community and hopefully beyond. The game is action packed and could have survived on the NES in the 80s with no problem. The art style, music and gameplay is easy to get hooked on from the start. That is saying a lot, as a number of homebrews are clones or borrowed ideas from games of the past. This is an original game, using all-original assets, all-original music (which is damn catchy) and original code built from the ground up by Doug. Here is the link to the demo... http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/2ipv0bgxllf1z55/Vig2-DEMO.nes BUT, BUY THE CARTRIDGE! SUPPORT NES GAME MAKERS! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Check out more at https://nesdoug.com/
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